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Solace Family Counseling is a private practice serving Annapolis and surrounding areas, specializing in child and teen therapy. In addition, we work within families to navigate the tension that can arise within those relationships. We place a special emphasis on working with trauma survivors, with each therapist working from a trauma informed perspective that helps clients journey through the deep wounds that they may have suffered.

Therapies Offered

The Solace team is comprised of skilled and compassionate therapists, who each offer a unique approach to the healing journey. Whether you are seeking support for your child or are looking for someone to walk alongside you, we have what you are looking for and healing begins here.

Child Therapy

In order to meaningfully explore their emotions and thoughts, children need safety through consistency and warmth. Our therapists are skilled in creating that space for growth and newness.

Teen Therapy

In no other context is the therapeutic relationship more important than in working with teens. Our therapists work to connect with your teen where they are and then lead from there towards their next steps.

Family Therapy

Families often hold significant pain for its members, but also much of the opportunity for therapeutic gain. We seek to uncover the power that can be a tremendous source of healing within families.

Adult Therapy

The stresses that burden us as adults are vast. Having a witness to and guide in your journey can create a freedom and ability to stand under that stress in a new and empowering way.

EMDR Therapy

When we have experienced events in our lives that are unreasonably painful and overwhelming, sometimes they can become stuck and highly distressing. EMDR helps us to digest the pain and resolve it.


Teletherapy offers a flexibility and accessibility for therapy that might prove to be a good path for you and your journey.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma requires a different approach from other forms of therapy. Building safety with your therapist is critical to developing the courage and strength to heal from trauma.

"The main question is not, 'How can we hide our wounds?' so we don't have to be embarrassed, but 'How can we put our woundedness in the service of others?' When our wounds cease to be a source of shame, and become a source of healing, we have become wounded healers."
- Henri J.M. Nouwen

Popular Questions

We have the answers to the common questions people ask

What should I expect at the first session?

The first session is a chance for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We are mostly determining if it feels like we can work together and that we will be able to  effectively help you to meet your goals. We will be gathering a lot of background information that helps inform your care. Sometimes this feels like an interview, but it is important in helping us to determine  goals that will mark progress in your therapy. We always want to connect with you at the end of the first session to ensure a good fit and that you feel comfortable moving forward.

Can therapy help me?

Therapy can be helpful to you or your child in a variety of ways. Therapy can help you manage emotions that often seem overwhelming or consistently dictate your choices. Therapy can help children and teens improve their behavior at home or school. Therapy can be helpful in processing traumatic experiences and resolving symptoms associated with those experiences. Therapy can build tools and strategies for calming you in the midst of highly stressful situations. Therapy can improve the quality of your relationships and help you find meaningful connection.

What is therapy like?

Therapy helps you to become aware of the thoughts, emotions and sensations that drive choices in your life, sometimes without you even knowing. In that awareness, therapy can help you to make better choices that allow you to experience life fully. In light of that, sometimes it can get harder before it gets better. However, the pain is part of the process and the path to healing.

Do therapists prescribe medications?

We do not prescribe medication, as we are not medical doctors. But, if medication is a tool that we decide could be helpful in achieving your goals, we would love the opportunity to collaborate with your doctor and ensure a coordinated level of care. We will only reach out to your doctor with your written permission.

How long does therapy take?

This depends largely on your goals and the nature of concerns that you are bringing with you to therapy. Often we recommend participating in therapy for 6 months and then evaluating the progress that has been made on the goals that you have identified. It is never our goal for you to participate in therapy for therapy's sake. We want you to feel confident that your work is paying off and that you are getting closer to where you want to be.

How do I know if I need therapy? 

There exists two general thoughts can be helpful in determining if you or your child/teen would benefit from seeking therapy. First, how distressing is the problem? Within that, you should consider how much time you invest in addressing the problem and to what extent you work to hide the problem from others. Additionally, how much has the problem contributed to a decrease in your quality of life?

Secondly, how much is the problem interfering with my daily activities? Does the problem take up more than 1 hour of your day? Have you adjusted your expectations to accommodate the problem? Are you avoiding opportunities or making different lifestyle choices to address the problem?

Let us guide you through the forest

The way through is often cluttered and unpredictable. We are honored to join you in your healing journey and believe that wholeness is possible.

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