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The Solace team is comprised of skilled and compassionate therapists, who each offer a unique approach to the healing journey. Whether you are seeking support for your child or are looking for someone to walk alongside you, we have what you are looking for and healing begins here.

Child Therapy

In order to meaningfully explore their emotions and thoughts, children need safety through consistency and warmth. Our therapists are skilled in creating that space for growth and newness.

Teen Therapy

In no other context is the therapeutic relationship more important than in working with teens. Our therapists work to connect with your teen where they are and then lead from there towards their next steps.

Family Therapy

Families often hold significant pain for its members, but also much of the opportunity for therapeutic gain. We seek to uncover the power that can be a tremendous source of healing within families.

Adult Therapy

The stresses that burden us as adults are vast. Having a witness to and guide in your journey can create a freedom and ability to stand under that stress in a new and empowering way.

EMDR Therapy

When we have experienced events in our lives that are unreasonably painful and overwhelming, sometimes they can become stuck and highly distressing. EMDR helps us to digest the pain and resolve it.


Teletherapy offers a flexibility and accessibility for therapy that might prove to be a good path for you and your journey.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma requires a different approach from other forms of therapy. Building safety with your therapist is critical to developing the courage and strength to heal from trauma.