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At Solace Family Counseling, we believe there are moments along life's journey that are best traveled with a partner. It is our hope to provide you with the support you need to find healing in life's harsher moments. You shouldn't have to do it alone.

David Kellner


David Kellner

I imagine that the reasons to enter a healing journey are as varied as the sojourners that travel it. These initial steps to invite another individual to walk beside you in moments that tend to be dark, uncertain and often times painful demonstrate a true act of courage. 

You may be struggling with your footing on the path - doubting yourself, others or the process to achieving wholeness and peace. Perhaps you have been saddled with a heavy pack, climbing the trail loaded with the extra weight of anxiety or depression. Perhaps you are wary of your travel partners - where at times they have pushed you down rather than supported. Perhaps you are concerned about the well being of those walking with you - your children just can’t keep up and sometimes it feels like they won’t make it to the next bend. It is my hope (and intention) to walk alongside you or your children to find footing for the next step.

I specialize in working with children and adolescents, particularly those who struggle with anxiety and/or suffer from trauma. My therapy with children (which often takes the form of play therapy) and adolescents (highlighting the therapeutic relationship) involves the family system in addressing compliance issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, attention deficits, impulsivity, academic under performance and behavioral concerns.

Olivia Brocato


Olivia Brocato

Often, we find ourselves struggling to navigate life’s ebbs and flows.  Unforeseen circumstances leave us feeling anxious and depressed, uncertain of the path that lies ahead.  Whether you are an adult battling depression or a child coping with ADHD, therapy can serve as the lighthouse needed to weather the storm and lead you to a place of inner peace.  It is my hope that, together, we can equip you with the tools necessary to lead a life of joy and fulfillment.

I am a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor and  graduated from Johns Hopkins University.  My primary experience is working with adolescents as well as their families.  I have helped those struggling with anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, PTSD, bipolar, and more.  I am client-centered and place importance on tailoring services to suit the unique needs of each individual. 

I believe the therapeutic relationship is quintessential to successful counseling outcomes.  A therapeutic environment is one of empathy, warmth and authenticity.  My hope is to facilitate just that, so you know you are safe and valued as we embark on this journey of wellness together.

Sarah Khademi


Sarah Khademi

In life's intensity, do you struggle to determine what the right kind of help would look like? Whether you are struggling with undue worries, or you yourself are uncomfortable with the person you have become, the therapeutic space is one that can provide guidance and support. I approach each of my clients from a strength-based perspective — using compassion, unconditional regard and hope to overcome the challenges that inevitably arise throughout life's journey.

Imagine finding ways to resolve the distressing moments of your life through insight development exercises, walk and talk therapy or simple conversations. Each person deserves a unique way of therapy, and it is my greatest desire to craft that path with you.

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker and graduate of Smith College. My prior practice experience has focused on children, adolescents and their families. My professional passions include navigating life's anxiety, parent/child relationships, and overcoming trauma. I am excited to bring my experience to bear in your journey.

Gwen Summers


Gwen Summers

Imagine you are gifted with a large jigsaw puzzle! You are eager to begin putting the pieces together, but you find that the packaging does not include a picture of the completed puzzle. Perhaps you feel confused, frustrated and defeated. Without having the full picture to reference, its often hard to have a sense of a way forward. Similarly, our lives are full of unique pieces — thoughts, feelings, behaviors, relationships, hopes — that can come across as unrelated and disjointed. Therapy offers a safe space for you to lay out the pieces of the puzzle and collaboratively explore how to put them together.

I believe the therapeutic relationship is vital to both your process and success. Through acceptance, empathy and authenticity, I offer you the resources to take your next steps towards healing. Together, we can assemble the completed puzzle. To do so, we may externalize your thoughts through writing or drawing, engage in mindfulness practices to increase awareness of what you are sensing in the moment without judgement or even immerse ourselves in the play therapy space to explore feelings through imaginative play.

I am a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor and graduate of Loyola University Maryland. My experiences have afforded me the opportunity to support school-aged children, adolescents, young adults, and their families, as they navigate anxiety, depression, behavioral and social-emotional problems.