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Teletherapy is a form of psychological service provided via Internet technology. Through our HIPAA-compliant, secure platform, therapists connect with you via an internet connection, web portal, and two-way live video. Through the platform, you can interact with the clinician just as you would if it was an in-person session. If you have you used any type of video calling on your cell phone then you know mostly how teletherapy works.

Does Teletherapy work with kids?

Yes. There can be hands-on activities and even interactive games between the therapist and child. Often, an aid, parent, or other adult is on the end with the client providing cueing and any “hands-on” techniques that might be needed by the instruction of the clinician. Plus, kids love interacting with technology anyway, and we are providing a positive outlet for that curiosity.

Is Teletherapy effective?

As our culture continues to rely on technology as a means of communication, research has indicated that the benefits of teletherapy can track closely with those of face-to-face therapy.

What are the benefits of Teletherapy?

Convenience. You don’t have to leave your home, you don’t have to feel like you need to clean up for a clinician to visit your home, and you don’t even have to put on shoes if you that’s not your thing. Plus, snacks are readily available.

Access to providers. You may be able to avoid a long drive or bad weather conditions to get to your therapist. You may need a specialty therapist for a specific need and teletherapy can connect you with that special clinician.

What are the risks of Teletherapy?

The risks and consequences of participating in teletherapy might include, but are not limited to:

  • The possibility, despite best efforts to ensure high encryption and secure technology on the part of my therapist, that the transmission of my information could be interrupted by unauthorized persons.
  • The possibility that services could be disrupted or distorted by unforeseen technical problems.
  • The possibility that my therapist determine with me that I am not a good fit for teletherapy.
  • The possibility of being overheard by anyone near me if I am not in a private room while participating in teletherapy.

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